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30 August 2018

We're going 100%.

100 Percent

Six months ago, we embarked on an ambitious mission to take democracy online. With this mission, we knew that changing the world meant changing the way things are done — and so we made a bold promise: to become the world’s most financially transparent charity by 2020.

In the words of our founder, Hasanal Zaf:

We The People is not a conventional charity.
We do not intend to become one.

As part of this bold promise, we’re making sure that our various stakeholders, especially the public, have access to relevant, precise, and straightforward data that is not buried under lengthy PDFs or audited statements. We want you to be able to have unfettered access to our financial data, both our income and expenses, in the simplest way possible.

We’ve long believed that we, as nonprofits, aren’t transparent enough; that the public deserves to know exactly where, how, and for what, their money is being spent. But in keeping with our zeal for providing answers to some of the world’s most pressing problems, we’ve decided to change this.
were going 100

Our work would not be possible if not for the generosity of our supporters across the spectrum. From private donors to public grants, we appreciate how much trust you place in us, and we want you to know that this trust, your trust, is not something we take for granted. From the beginning of our journey, we’ve always strived to hold our movement to the highest standards and to be accountable for our actions and the resources we have. And now, we’re excited to take this to a whole new level, 100% in fact.

And that’s what we’re calling it. Launching 2019 in its beta stages, 100% will be a real-time financial transparency tool that will give you access to our income and expenses from anywhere, at any time, as and when they occur. We want you to be able to see our financials across various categories, track impact, and understand how money is being spent and where this money comes from. And of course, without the jargon or complexity of financial data. What is also exciting is that this tool will allow us to offer clean, direct reporting while reducing the risk of human bias or error.

Through 100%, we aim to:

  • Showcase our income and expenses
  • Offer real-time reporting and data
  • Provide breakdowns by various user-defined parameters including categories, specific points in time, project type, and more
  • Simplify complex financial jargon into straightforward facts
  • Allow you to understand how our funding is used to create impact
  • Welcome a wider range of reports and queries on our financials
  • Improve the overall transparency and oversight of what we’re doing
  • Make We The People even better through greater transparency
  • and hopefully… as a result of all this, honour the trust you place in us.
Chandni Motwani

A key part of this is Chandni Motwani along with our family of experts and volunteers who are helping make our vision a reality. We feel very fortunate to have someone as talented as Chandni lead the product design of 100%, and, of course, the various contributions we've received from everyone else along the way. Individuals like Chandni, who deeply care about our mission to put the power back in people, inspire us to do more and remind us why we started this very important journey

For all of us here at We The People, this is a very exciting step in the life of We The People — towards our goal of becoming the world's most transparent charity.

As we iterate on our blueprints and build 100%, we want you to tell us your thoughts. Tell us what matters to you, and what you want to see in our new tool — after all, we’re creating 100% for you.